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THC, CBD and their derivatives are the cannabinoids that give marijuana its medicinal properties. Although THC has long been know as the psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant, it is the non-psychoative CBD component that is believed to provide various curative and palliative benefits for a variety of diseases

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Publicly Traded Companies

Of the many was to invest in the Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industry, perhaps the easiest is to buy stock in a publicly traded company. Consider the following, and remember to do your own research and be aware of the risks. Cannabis stocks are notoriously volatile...some more than others.

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At Cannamed Life Sciences, our mission is simple, to educate the general public of all ages as to the beneficial properties of Cannabis as Medicine. We will also provide links to cutting edge research in Medicinal Cannabis that address specific diseases and conditions. As the beneficial nature of cannabinoids is becoming more widely known, many individuals are looking for guidance as it applies to their own situation. We hope to be a part of your journey to wellness.


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